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How to Recognize Fake Villa or Hotel Reviews on Internet

The presence of internet world make travelers easier to plan their holiday. But be careful, not everything you see on the internet is true. Yes, you have to careful if you want to book a hotel through review on a website. Because, there are many hotels which are actually have fake reviews. Here are 5 ways to check fake review about a villa or hotel:

1. Check several different sites
If you don not really know what hotel would you choose, then look at reviews on trusted traveling site is one of the best alternatives to choose from. Do not immediately sure if you see a lot of positive reviews about the hotel. To make sure, check several different websites. Find out that hotel reviews on other sites. That way, you can see if the reviews of the hotel is really good or not.

2. Check date of reviews
In many traveling websites, there will be some reviews about the hotel of choice. Note the dates when those reviews were written. Although the author of the review may vary, but you shall be suspicious if all the reviews written on the same date.

3. Check the languages
Reviews are usually simple and have the important points. But note again, whether the style of these reviews are the same. Although their accounts are different, but the style can not be fooled. If there is a review with the same style, you should be suspicious. Because this is most likely fake accounts that leave fake reviews.

4. Look at the ratings
You should be suspicious of reviews that give one star/rate to a 5 star hotels. Because, 5 star hotels usually give priority to service and the convenience of guests. If there is such, it could be a fake account who deliberately want to drop the hotel. Also, you should be suspicious of reviews that give 5 other reviews when pitched disappointed. It could be also that it is a fake account in the mood to pick up the slack of their hotel.

5. Find out about the suspicious accounts
It will take more time, but to convince, it is fine if you want to find out. Open an account that you think is suspicious. See if the account is active or just a fake account that is used to deceive the traveler. If there is no much activity in the account, meanwhile it was already long enough as a member, it could be a fake account. Or, if the account was just commenting on one or two hotels, could also be a fake account.

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