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However, why not try Canggu villas? This place, about thirty minutes to the north from Seminyak, is much quieter than Seminyak but possesses the same pleasant qualities as that international district, except the international shopping and entertainment hubs. One thing is sure: more and more people are now searching for Canggu villas rental. There are many reasons for this, the foremost of which is the quiet and tranquil environment of the area. However, there are still many other reasons that you should now for the growing popularity of the area. The next thing that makes Canggu villas rental is searched out by many travelers is that such accommodation places are usually developed to blend with the existing natural and traditional setting of Canggu. As a result, guests are given the chance to experience the two aspects that give Bali its main attractions.

Canggu is a unique place, especially on its shore. In the land side of the area, you can see the iconic rice field that characterizes Bali and you have often seen in the Website, postcards and photos about the Paradise Island. The rice field in Canggu usually runs until it reaches right the black or deep brown line of the shore. Just a few meters away, the salty waves of the Indian Ocean pouring in incessantly. Juxtaposition as such of course provides a unique experience not only for the visual but also for the mood of the seers.

You should not be worried about the crowd when you have a home away from home in Canggu. Unless in the main town of the area, your stay is completely quiet. There will be no stressful human sound. It is only the sound of the waves, or the sound of the local farmers singing when attending to their crops, or the sounds of the rivers, or the sounds of the chirping birds. You are alone with nature and the daily life of Balinese people. Of all the reasons why people are searching for Canggu villa rentals, it is this peace that could be the main reason.

by Nugraharta P

Villa Teresa

2 BR, 3 BR, 5 BR
Villa Teresa is a 5 bedroom private beachfront villa located in Echo Beach area Canggu. This villa is decorated by the river on the left side and a beautiful beach right behind the front door. Consists of 1 unit 2 bedroom villa and 1 unit of 3 bedroom villa which are linked by a connecting door, this villa can be rented as a whole 5 bedrooms....
From (USD)
$ 410
Villa Gajah Putih, This is what we call a large private villa for holiday in Bali. Situated exactly on the stunning Berawa surfing beach, this five +1 bedroom villa has a very spacious area with total of land 1.63 hectares including tennis court, coconut grove, and an Olympic size swimming pool. It would be nice to held a large group p...
From (USD)
$ 3000
Villa Kemala, another 5 bedroom secluded villa with a nice rice terrace view located just a few minutes from Brawa surfing beach, Canggu. This is a brand new villa, completed few months ago around June 2012 by a Singaporean family who loves Bali very much. The villa is setted on a green rice field area owned by local farmer. Those gree...
From (USD)
$ 775
Located in a secluded area in Pererenan Canggu, Villa Pangi Gita offers the best 3 bedroom classic villa for those who loves classic and traditional architecture surrounded by well maintained natural environment. A lush green ricefields and sounds of gurgling water in Pangi river which is located just beside the swimming pool makes Pan...
From (USD)
$ 475

Villa Taman Ahimsa

4 BR, 5 BR, 6 BR, 7 BR
Taman Ahimsa, a large beachfront villa with unique concepts located on the wonderfully beach of Mengening village, Canggu. This 7 bedroom villa has a unique shape such as boat hulls, shells, and scared spiral that is the ultimate symbol of this villa. Essentially, Taman Ahimsa villa has a nice concept of synergy between nature, environ...
From (USD)
$ 1030
La Maison A Chayla, a 5 bedroom luxury villa located in quiet and very strategic area, close to Seminyak and Brawa beach Canggu. This villa has a lush and green tropical garden setting and the most interesting is the view of ricefield located right in front of the villa, separated by a come coconut and other tropical trees.

The villa i...
From (USD)
$ 800
Villa Nelayan, another secluded 4 bedroom villa offers absolute comfort and tranquility level of a luxury holiday villa in Bali. The villa lies only 300 meters away from Nelayan Beach, Canggu. This location is really strategic for a family who prefer a secluded beach area but not so isolated from any tourist attraction, it is because there ar...
From (USD)
$ 640
Villa Luwih, another right choice for those who want to take their family into a real Bali holiday at the right time, in the right place. Consist of 6 bedrooms, the villa is located just a few meters away from the beach of Pererenan Canggu, one of Bali’s most popular surfing spots. The dramatic black sands and rolling waves even can be seen...
From (USD)
$ 875
Canggu is well-known as the best place to find peaceful villas in Bali. Such kind of village atmosphere, stunning panorama, and ambiance setting brings the golden value to enjoy your vacation in Bali perfectly. Canggu keeps some interesting beachfront villas concept to give you new experience of living during your holiday. As known as, the be...
From (USD)
$ 1350

Villa Sati

4 BR, 4 BR, 4 BR, 3 BR, 16 BR, 9 BR
Adopting the unique of Canggu, Villa Sati presents the best peaceful place to stay in Bali. Specifically, Vila Sati is part of the prestigious Dea Villas development. This villa is blessed with Canggu, a very ambiance setting. You can see the lush of green rice field, the rhythm of local life and spectacular beaches. Such kind of village atmo...
From (USD)
$ 990
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