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Seminyak Villas

Seminyak villas are the most trendy accommodation in Bali at the moment. The best thing about Seminyak, first of all, could be its international level public facilities. You will find so many international boutiques, restaurants, cafes and nightclubs here. Of course, one should not forget the beaches too. In fact, the beaches in Seminyak district have the same wonderful attractions such as Kuta although they are relatively narrower than the former beach. These attractions are further combined with the healthy development of the accommodation places. Seminyak villas rental follow the luxurious and elegant pattern of the district. As such, you can be sure to have a quiet and private, luxurious home away from home for your holidays here.

From such a pleasant accommodation place, you can figure out how your next vacation will be pleasant. Let us take for example that you are a couple of honeymooners. Of course you will need a high level of privacy. It is impossible to obtain such privacy with the hotels moreover motels and home stays. There are tons of villas in Seminyak that is specialized for honeymooners. They come with specialized one bedroom and with romantic indoor and outdoor setting which could include special Jacuzzi and only-you-and-me dining and living area, and more such facilities.

With facilities, privacy, security and services ensured to make your feel at home you will have plenty of time to enjoy your special moment as a couple of honeymooners. Now, what are the possibilities to make your honeymoon memorable? For most people, this could mean the romantic evening in one of the Seminyak beaches, with a moment of beach walking or just sit on the smooth sand, watching the gentle waves of the Indian Ocean rolling perpetually. But, for the others, it could be a romantic candle light dinner in a fine restaurant. Seminyak has it all and it will be much more memorable when you stay in a Seminyak villas Bali closest to these romantic venues.

by Nugraharta P

K Villas

3 BR
K villas, another private villas complex for family holiday located at the most trendy area in Bali, which is Seminyak. This is a mini resort with the latest concepts that are in recent years began to demand by foreign tourists. With 4 units of 3 bedroom villas, this tropical villas have a unique minimalist design. It seen from the shape and ...
From (USD)
$ 695

The Layar Villas

1 BR, 2 BR, 3 BR, 4 BR
The Layar Villas is a complex of luxury villas located in the center of Seminyak with unique and attractive design resembling sails of boats. The combination of tropical materials, unique indoor-outdoor design and luxury furniture makes this villa very popular with travelers who want an exclusive holiday in Bali.

Each villa at Layar ha...
From (USD)
$ 350
The Orchard House, an attractive 4 +2 bedroom villa situated in a very strategic location of Seminyak as the center of tourism in Bali which is currently become the most trendy area and got lot of talk around the world. This villa is really perfect for those who prefer a family vacation in a luxury house with private pool close to tour...
From (USD)
$ 825
Villa Satria, when someone prefer a luxury private accommodation to accommodate whole family members during a holiday in Seminyak – Bali, the 5 bedroom of Satria will be the best option. Situated on a very strategic location of luxury villas complex in Seminyak suburb, this villa has very easy access to reach the center of tourism in...
From (USD)
$ 1050
Named after a Greece myth’ character, Pandora, this villa represents the true beauty which become Pandora’s characteristic. Tucked away in the upscale area of Seminyak, Villa Pandora will become a great base for your upcoming holiday in Bali. It is so nice indulging yourself in the pool at Villa Pandora after exploring the favorite places...
From (USD)
$ 540
Located in the most prestigious area of Seminyak, the luxurious Villa Aliya is the perfect 4 bedroom holiday villa for your vacation in Seminyak, Bali. The villa is wonderfully bordered by extensive beautiful tropical garden, which makes the atmosphere so breezy, and tranquil, also, the villa is strategically situated on a dead-end roa...
From (USD)
$ 840

Villa Four@Drupadi

1 BR, 1 BR, 2 BR, 2 BR, 2 BR, 3 BR, 11 BR
Villa Four@Drupadi is a wonderful villa situated in the core of Seminyak. The location is on Jalan Drupadi where most of the fashionable fashion stores are here. This luxury villa is also just within walking distances to every place of interest and entertainment. Your way to reach the world wide known restaurants, sophisticated shoppin...
From (USD)
$ 250
For you who search for the luxury beachside villa, Villa Atas Ombak is the best option to stay for your memorable holiday. This exclusive and elegant 5 bedroom villa is located exactly on the beach north of Legian. Many interesting spots are easily reached from the villa, such as the internationally acclaimed restaurant of Ku DéTa, Hu...
From (USD)
$ 1975

Villa Samuan

2 BR, 3 BR, 5 BR
Located in a quiet and private street of Seminyak area, this exclusive Villa Samuan presents a very luxury 2, 3, and 5 bedroom private accommodation in the center of prestigious location of Seminyak. From the villa, you just need to walk a few minute away to reach the internationally known restaurants like Hu’u Bar, the Breeze, Livin...
From (USD)
$ 425

Chimera Villas

2 BR, 2 BR, 3 BR, 7 BR
Chimera Villas is a luxurious 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom villa situated in Seminyak area, a prestigious area known as the prime location for international renowned restaurants, vibrant night life, entertainment spots, shopping center, boutiques and many more. Chimera villas can be accessed from Jalan Oberoi or Jalan Sari Dewi. The villa o...
From (USD)
$ 330

Villa Issi

4 BR
Total privacy, tranquil, and away from the crowded, are presented by Villa Issi. You will be pampered by the coziness and the luxurious through your stay in this wonderful 4 bedroom villa. Strategically located in the prestigious area of Seminyak, Bali, Villa Issi offers not only a serenity and privacy accommodation but also a very eas...
From (USD)
$ 800
Villa Kalimaya is the best luxury accommodation for your family holiday in Bali. Comes with 5 spacious bedroom, this villa amazingly offers an easy access to reach some of the famous restaurants like Ku Dé Ta, La Lucciola, Hu’u Bar and Living Room restaurants, great rejuvenating spas, lovely chic boutiques, shopping center, bar and enterta...
From (USD)
$ 1200

Kiss Villas

1 BR, 1 BR, 1 BR, 2 BR, 2 BR, 2 BR, 3 BR
Offering wonderful seven spacious villas with 12 comfortable and modern bedrooms, each villa at KISS villas is exclusively designed to create a relaxing stay. There are 3 units one bedroom villa (Villa Kenangan (Deluxe Suite), Villa Impian 1 (Suite) and Villa Impian 2 (Suite), these 1 bedroom villas is perfect for romantic couple and honeymoo...
From (USD)
$ 345
Now anyone has a chance to stay in a villa during holiday in Bali. Bali Baik Villa is a good choice for budget accommodation in the island and located in the center of Seminyak. Close to many places of pleasure such as international restaurants The Living Room, La Luciola and Hu’U, Seminyak Square, trendy boutiques and accessories shops, sp...
From (USD)
$ 436

Villa Massilia

4 BR, 3 BR, 3 BR, 7 BR, 7 BR, 6 BR, 10 BR
Villa Massilia is a luxury peaceful villa located strategically in the center of Seminyak. The villa is wonderfully offers an easy access to reach many interesting places within just walking distances, fantastic places such as internationally famous restaurant of Ku De Ta, La Lucciola, Hu’u Bar and Living Room restaurants, some vibrant nigh...
From (USD)
$ 700

Villa Sembilan

2 BR, 3 BR, 5 BR
Villa Sembilan is set in the Jalan Laksmana, Seminyak, just opposite The Samaya Villas hotel and very close to the International famous restaurants of Ku De Ta, La Lucciola and The Legian Hotel. To reach the beach, you only need 300 m walk and you will see the picturesque view of vast blue ocean and white sandy beach, it will be more fantasti...
From (USD)
$ 390
Villa Sayang d'Amour, one of the most exclusive and large size private villa located in the very hearth of Seminyak, close to some famous hotel such as W hotel, restaurants, shopping center, and of course the beach of Seminyak. This villa comes with 6 spacious bedrooms to accommodate a luxury family holiday for 12 persons even it's lar...
From (USD)
$ 1300
Located in the premium area of Seminyak, Villa Lilibel comes to bring unique signature of living during your vacation in Bali. Inspire to the golden triangle of Seminyak, Villa Lilibel wants to light up the exclusive property with luxurious impression, a bunch of convenience and artistic feeling. The location is truly strategic, where you can...
From (USD)
$ 1195
Taking the name of Ramadewa, a name from mythical Balinese legend started with a raindrop, which fell to the ground, and the seed was sown; that bring such unique signature to one of the most recommended exclusive villa in Seminyak. As known as, the feature of Balinese Hindu Ramayana is so strongly influence in the culture and daily life of t...
From (USD)
$ 795
Enjoy the picturesque of paradise in Bali through the best place to stay, an extraordinary Villa Adasa. Reflecting of tranquility and convenience, Villa Adasa is one of the most recommended villa in Seminyak area. The lavish, fabulous, chic and contemporary mood is the primary essence that covers this private villa for holiday. Inspire the ex...
From (USD)
$ 695
Looking for something luxury, private, exclusive and chic place to stay in Bali, Seminyak area will help you to find one of them. As the glamorous touristic place in Bali, Seminyak creates an adorable living atmosphere through the combination Bali nature, artistic culture and modern fusion. Villa Sakti is one of the most recommended villa in ...
From (USD)
$ 840
The glamorous Seminyak keeps some interesting place to stay through the luxurious experience. As known as Seminyak is popular with the fabulous shops and restaurants. It is the place of high-end people meet up and chit-chat. Seminyak offers the lavish impression of tourism to achieve what we call convenience and relaxation. The ambience setti...
From (USD)
$ 765

Villa Akara

1 BR, 2 BR, 3 BR, 4 BR
If you are looking for a flexible home away from home when you want to place your book, Villa Akara is the best option. The property, located in the prime location in Seminyak, offers a number of options, ranging from one-bedroom to four-bedroom villas. Thus, if you are a honeymooner couple, you can book the one-bedroom villa. But, if you are...
From (USD)
$ 297
The center of Seminyak district is of Oberoi Street. Now, what if you can get a private villa on that location? Yes, your holidays will be filled with fun. Maharaj Villa is located on that very heart of Seminyak. Thus, you can expect for a fun holiday when you stay in this luxury private Bali villa. You should not be worried about privacy. Al...
From (USD)
$ 725
The Christin Villa is just located in the center of busy town Seminyak; only few steps away from the famous restaurant Kudeta, Hu’u Bar and Living Room. To reach beach, it only takes not more than 10 minutes. Seminyak Beach has gorgeous sunset view that could amaze everyone’s eyes. The beach is popular for swimming, surfing and sunbathing...
From (USD)
$ 400
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