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Tanah Lot is, for many travelers, identical to its unique sea temple. The temple is indeed remarkable. It is situated on a solitary rock several meters away from the mainland. During the tide, it is completely and practically a separate entity. When the tide recedes, once again the sea temple is a part of the mainland of the Bali Island. One cannot help wondering how the ancestors of the Balinese people could develop such a fascinating architectural achievement. For many travelers, the building is so enchanting that they choose to stay in a Tanah Lot villa so as to be able to enjoy the sea temple and other wonders of the area faster.

The architectural wonder of the Tanah Lot Sea Temple is indeed the foremost attractions of the site. This in turn provides a good reason for a traveler to choose a Tanah Lot villas. However, of course one should not forget about the very reason behind the creation of such wonderful architectural achievement. The Tanah Lot Sea Temple is dedicated for god of the sea so that it is no wonder that there are religious ceremonies and festivals on certain period. These are the additional advantages for the travelers.

The areas surrounding the sea temple is also interesting to visit. Just a few meters away from the big temple, there is a cave in the riff that is a dwelling of a sacred snake. This snake is, according to the local belief, the guardian of the sea temple. It is interesting that visitors can actually touch the snake. And it is also wonderful that the snake never bits anyone who touches it. And in Tanah Lot Temple, one can also feel like a Balinese. Each of the visitors who want to go to the entrance of the temple should cleanse their hands and will be given a rice sign on the forehead just like the Balinese.

And of course one should not forget the wonderful sunset view. Tanah Lot is located at the southwestern coast of the Paradise Island, exactly at Tabanan Regency. It faces the west so everyday one can see the sunset view as long as the sky is clear. There are many villas in Tanah Lot that offer this sunset view as the main attraction and these accommodation places are among the most sought after accommodations in the island. Just at the right side of the temple, below the park from where you can witness the sunset view, is the hidden beach where surfers practice their skills.

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