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As Ubud is remarkable for its rural view and art, it is only logical that one to stay in an accommodation place in which one can enjoy the two main attractions directly. The great thing is that you can easily find so many accommodation places in the area that fulfill such requirements. You can try one of the hotels, motels, guest houses, or the home stays. However, to get the best of the area, I would highly recommend you to stay in one of the Ubud villas. There are tons of reasons why should find an Ubud villa rental for your holidays.

When you stay in an Ubud villa, you will have greater privacy. This is not breaking news indeed but in Ubud such privacy is even more important. This is because by having a private home away from home, you will be able to refresh easier after a day full of adventures and explorations. In addition, villas in Ubud is usually situated in select location such as a location with rice field views, river side or forest side. By staying in such villa, one will be able to enjoy the rural and natural wonders that Ubud has to offer.

As per art and cultural attractions, bear in mind that the streets in this international district have been too congested in the recent years due to its popularity. There are simply many people who want to enjoy Ubud and its art museums, stage performances, batik classes, and the relaxing rice field views. Now, when you stay in an Ubud villa located a little outside the down town, you can just walk or ride a bike to explore the town. This way you will not be frustrated by the ridiculous traffic jam and you can be sure to hop in easily into any place that catches your eyes along the way.

A private villas in Ubud is also a perfect place to start the exploration throughout the island. After you have enjoy the main attractions in Ubud, you probably want to expand your exploration map to the other areas. Most possibly, you want to experience the beaches in the southwestern. Ubud is an inland town but to reach those beaches from Ubud is a matter of an hour away. As long as you can blind yourself out to the traffic jam, along the way you will see the other attractions that could compel you to stop for a while.

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Villa Puri Tupai, a 4 bedroom classic villa located at the most perfect area to find peace and tranquility, Ubud. Surrounded by a river and lush tropical trees as the neighbors, this is a perfect place to escape your family from the boring hustle bustle urban life. You can relax and enjoy breathing the fresh air in idyllic seclusion, l...
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$ 500

The Royal Pita Maha Resort

1 BR, 1 BR, 1 BR, 2 BR, 1 BR
The brightest image of Ubud as art and cultural center of Bali inspires The Royal Pita Maha to create such a coziest place to stay that perfectly transferring the tranquil atmosphere and enhancing the relaxation of body and soul. The Royal Pita Maha presents the Balinese royal concept to pamper the wildest adventure of guest relaxation in enj...
From (USD)
$ 365
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