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Why do I have to book a villa through an agent whilst I can search villa websites and get in
touch directly with the owners?
Professional villa rental agent has hundred of villas in their portfolio which they know precisely deep
into details and therefore can give you options which suit better to your preferences. Owners tend to
know only their own villas and have limited knowledge about other villas.

Will I have to pay more by booking a villa through a rental agent?
No. We get commission from the owner and do not charge anything from our client more than the rental
price. We sign a non-competition agreement with villa owners and therefore both our company and villa
owner offer the same price.

Is it possible that we get a lower price from other rental agent?
The likeliness that certain rental agent can get a lower price from the owner is close to impossible. If
villa owners give a privilege to certain agents to let their villas at lower price, they legally break their
agreement with other agents and in position to face a legal suit.
Most rental agents who offer lower price cut their commission percentage. These practices break their
agreement with villa owners and in most cases if villa owners discover agents that practice this conduct
they will terminate the agreement.

Why should I care about the agent that breaks its agreement with their vendor? As long as I get
a better price, their agreement is their own business.
If you think that their agreement is their own business and do not concern about it as long as you get a
better price, consider this: if they play dirty by breaking their agreement with their vendor for some
financial advantage, why can’t they do it to you as well?

How do I book a villa?
Choose a villa which you think is suitable with your preference, click BOOK, fill in the form completely,
click SUBMIT. Within the maximum of 24 hours our reservation executive will respond to inform
whether the villa is available. If the villa is available you can then proceed with confirming the booking
and making your payment.

What if the villa I chose is not available?
If the villa is not available, along with information that the villa is not available, our reservation executive
will also give you two other information:
Nearest availability of your inquired villa to your intended period.
Other villa with similar specification (location, number of bedrooms, price, environment, feature, etc.) to
your inquired one which are available in your intended period.
Therefore it is essential to put your specific preference in the “Message” box of the booking form to help
us choose suitable alternatives if the villa you inquired is not available.

When I informed that the villa is available, how long the villa will remain available?
The villa remains available before you instruct us to confirm the booking. Which means anyone can
confirm to book the villa at the same or conflicting period as yours, in which case you will loose your
chance to book the villa. Therefore, especially for high an peak seasons, you are advised to make your
decision quickly.

What does “confirm” a booking means?
Confirming a booking means giving a final decision to book the villa and proceed to payment process.
Once you confirm your booking, we will issue an invoice which you have to pay by its due date.

When I confirm my booking, will the villa rented to someone else?
The villa will be blocked for you whilst waiting for you to make the payment. During this period, no one
can book the villa. If you fail to complete the payment by the due date stated in our invoice, the villa will
be released back into the market and someone else can book.

What if the villa is available but I need some time before making a final decision?
Some villas allow you to “hold” the villa for a certain period, normally between 3 to 7 days depends on
which season your intended booking period falls into. During the period the villa can not be booked by
someone else. You have to make a final decision before the period expires, otherwise the villa will be
released back into the market. Our reservation executive will inform you if the villa you inquire allows a
guest to hold it and length of the holding period.

When do I make a payment?
A 50% deposit has to be paid to confirm your booking. The remaining 50% has to be paid as final
payment between 60 to 30 days prior to arrival, depends on season in which your stay period falls into.
If you confirm your booking within the period when final payment has to be paid (60 to 30 days prior to
arrival), full payment is required to confirm your booking.
Deposit and full payment: once you confirm your booking, we will issue an invoice. You have to pay the
invoice by its due date. If you fail to settle the payment by the due date, the villa will become available
for other guests.
Final payment: approximately one week prior to the due date, we will issue an invoice which you have
to pay by its due date as well. If you fail to settle the invoice by its due date, your booking will be
considered cancelled with full forfeiture of any previous payments you made.

In what currency do we have to make our payment?
All payments have to be received in US Dollars. If you settle your payment by bank transfer, you will
have to transfer in US Dollars into our corporate account. Following Indonesian banking regulation, all
credit card payment will be converted into Indonesian Rupiah and then re-converted back into US

If credit card payment has to be converted into Indonesian Rupiah and then re-converted back
into US Dollars, then we may loose some money in currency conversion. Can we avoid it?
The only way to avoid it is to make the payment by bank transfer. All you need to spend by making your
payment by bank transfer is transfer fee charged by both your bank and its corresponding bank in

How do I make a payment?
We have two different payment methods available. You can choose the one which is easiest in your
situation. Consult our Payment Instruction page for more detail.
1. Online Payment with Credit Card Online payment is the simplest and quickest way to settle your
bill. Following a link we provide on our invoice will take you to an online form where you will have to fill
in your credit card details. Payment takes effect as soon as the system informs that the payment is
approved. Subject to 3% of credit card processing surcharge.
2. Wire Transfer International telegraphic transfer to our corporate bank account normally takes about
three days. If you choose to settle your payment by bank transfer, make sure that you allocate sufficient
time before the due date.
Please note that Indonesian banking regulation requires all credit card transaction has to be either
made in Indonesian Rupiah. Therefore if you choose to pay by credit card, you will get your invoice pre-
converted into Rupiah. Conversion to Rupiah does not apply to bank transfer.

Why do I have to pay the credit card processing surcharge? Normally merchants – like
supermarkets – include credit card processing charge into the price.
Especially those at the higher end, villa rental price is quite significant. Therefore instead of including
the 3% credit card processing surcharge into the price which practically means adding 3% into the price
applicable to everyone, it is better to keep it separate. Those who prefer to avoid paying the 3% credit
card processing surcharge can choose to make their payment by bank transfer instead.

How much does it cost to transfer money into your account?
It depends on where you are and the bank you are making the transfer through. Normally it takes
between 20 to 30 US Dollars. Please note that we have to receive the payment exactly as it specified
on the invoice. You are responsible to cover all incurring fees related to the transfer. If the money
arriving into our account is less than the figure specified on the invoice, we will add the remainder into
the final payment invoice (if you are paying deposit) or cash upon arrival (if you are paying final

We are asked to pay 50% deposit to confirm the booking and pay the remaining 50% 30-60 days
prior to arrival. Why do we have to pay in full way in advance?
Hotels have hundred of bedrooms, if one of their guests does not show up, they still have a hefty
business coming from other bedrooms. Villa owners have only one letting unit. If they client to whom
the villa is allocated for in certain period do not come up, and the client has not made their payment in
advance, they are loosing the business for the period.

We are required to pay a large sum of money to someone we do not even know, how do we trust
You are not making payment to someone but to a legally established company. You can review our
legality status in our About Us section.
If you make your payment by bank transfer, you transfer your money to a corporate bank account, not a
personal one. Provision of corporate bank account requires assessment to prove that the company is
not only exist but also legal.
We are among a few villa rental agencies that hold an online merchant account allowing you to pay
online by credit card directly into our account. Provision of online merchant account requires
assessment not only in presence and legality of our company but also its financial soundness and
credibility of its management.

What if we have unlucky incident that forces us not to come, for example an accident or
sickness, will we still loose our payment?
Yes. If you do not turn up for whatever reasons you are not getting your payment back. For this reasons
getting a travel insurance which covers the such unlucky incidents is highly recommended.

Do you pick us up or we have to find our way to go to the villa?
We will pick you up at the airport. Look for someone holding our company logo at the arrival gate of the
airport. If you somehow fail to find our logo, call our ground handling executive at +62 (0)361 772233.
Do not leave the airport by yourself. Unlike hotels, most villas are secluded and not widely known.
Chance is that taxi driver will have a problem in finding your villa.

How much does it cost for the pick up to our villa?
Unless explicitly mentioned during your booking process, one pick up and one drop off is provided at no
additional cost. However if your group is arriving or departing in separated groups, additional trip will be
charge at a reasonable cost, depends on size of vehicle needed and distance between the airport and
the villa.

What kind of car do you use to pick us up?
It depends on size of your group. We provide comfortable car with sufficient space for all passengers
and normal luggage. In most of the cases we use medium-class passenger vans.

What if we want a more luxurious car to pick us up?
We can arrange it at an additional cost. We have wide range of options available from classic
Volkswagen Thing (Safari) to Hummer Limousine.

We have a baby. Can we get a baby car seat in the car picking us up?
Yes we can provide baby car seat. You just need to inform us how many babies are coming in your
group and their age so we can arrange appropriate equipment for their age.

You said that most likely taxi driver do not know our villa. How do we return to our villa when we
want to go out?
Our ground handling executive who picks you up from the airport will give you a map with a mark to
show where the villa is exactly located. You can show the map to the taxi driver. If it does not help you
can call us at +62 (0)361 772233 so we can guide the taxi driver.

During our stay at the villa, who is taking care of us?
Villa staffs and villa manager are responsible to take care of you and your group during your stay. In
any cases, however as your agent we are not leaving you alone. If you have a wish or complain which
can not properly addressed by villa staffs and villa manager, you can always contact our ground
handling executive at +62 (0)361 772233.

If we need anything outside such as tour and car rental, whom should I contact?
You can contact the provider directly if you want. However for better quality assurance we have a
shortlist of trustable providers of nearly anything you might have in mind. We suggest you to contact
our holiday consultant at +62 (0)361 772233.

Do the villas provide breakfast?
Breakfast policy is different from one villa to another which in general can be either of the following
Breakfast is not provided.
Breakfast is provided for the first morning only.
Breakfast is not provided but the fridge is pre-stocked upon your arrival so you can prepare your own
Breakfast is provided every morning during the whole duration of your stay.
In most cases when breakfast is not provided it can be provided at an additional cost. This information
is available in “Pricing” section of each villa detail in our website. If you do not find it please consult our
Sales Consultant.

How many staffs work at the villa?
Depends on its size and its level of luxury, the villa can have between 2 to 30 staffs in various roles
working at the villa.

What roles do they have?
Larger villas normally have a villa manager, several house keepers, gardeners, security guards, pool
attendant, chef, and engineer. Some also have driver and in-house spa therapists.

Do villa staffs stay at the villa?
Except security guards, normally villa staffs are available at the villa during normal working hours.
However they tend to be flexible in respond to your request. When you need them you can ask them to
stay until you had your dinner.

Would so many people working at the villa affect our privacy?
Most villas have staff quarter which can accommodate their staff activity. Unless when they are doing
their work, such as house-keepers are cleaning bedrooms or chef is cooking in the kitchen, they will
have their activity in the staff quarter.

Do we have to give some tip?
Tipping is not mandatory. Villa staffs will not perform worse if you do not give them some tip. However
as in general wages in Indonesia is rather low, small amount of money you give away as a tip means a
lot. So if you are happy with their service, it is always a good idea to share your holiday joy by sharing a
bit of fortune with those who work to make your holiday a pleasant one.

How do we give a tip?
As tip is not mandatory, you can give it in any manners you prefer. However it is advisable to give it only
upon your departure, as a token of appreciation to their hard work to pamper your stay. Unless you
have certain person you want to treat specially, you can hand the tip to the villa manager.

How much tip is considered appropriate?
Again, as it is not mandatory, you are free to decide how much you want to give. The more you give the
happier the staffs are. However as a general hint, 100,000 to 200,000 Rupiah per staff for a week stay
is considered adequate.

How many persons can a villa accommodate?
Depend on number of bedrooms available. As a general rule of thumb, each bedroom can
accommodate 2 adults, so a three bedrooms villa can accommodate up to 6 adults. However you have
to pay attention to personal preference of each member of your group. If some or all of them want their
own bedroom then the maximum capacity will be even less.

Can the villa accommodate more than 2 adults per bedroom?
Some villas can accommodate slightly more by providing extra beds which normally available at an
additional cost. The maximum capacity of each villa, including usage of extra bed, is specified in its
detail page of our website.

If we are willing to sleep on the sofa or on the floor, can the villa accommodate even more?
No. The villa can accommodate only up the specified maximum capacity. You also need to note that
additional person more than 2 adults per bedroom is subject to additional cost.

What if we arrive in a larger group anyway?
If you come with a group which exceeds specified maximum capacity of the villa, the villa owner retains
the right to refuse your check-in without any obligation to refund your payment.

Do all villa have an in-house cook?
In-house chefs are normally available by default only in larger villas. In some villas where chef
available, you have to cook by yourself. You can ask villa staffs to cook for you, but their cooking skill is
limited. Last option is to hire a chef which can be organized at an additional cost.

Do the villa have a kind of room service from which we can order some food? Only villas which is
part of a resort have room service. Private villas normally do not have room service, in which case
other than cooking in the villa, your option can be ordering delivery service or ask villa staffs to buy
some food from nearby restaurants.

If the villa has an in-house chef or we hire a chef as an extra, what dishes can they cook?
Normally you ask your in-house chef to cook anything. Ask them what cuisine they are good at is a
good idea to start with. In some certain cases, in-house chef can only cater food listed in menu sheet.
With a specially hired chef cyou can tell us what cuisine do you prefer and we will find suitable chef for

If we ask the chef to cook, who will shop for the ingredients?
Normally the chef. You will talk to your chef about what you want for the next day and give him enough
money to buy the ingredients. Your chef will shop and return to you with the receipts and the remaining
money. In some cases there will be a certain service fee charged on top of your shopping bills.

Can we go to shop ourselves?
Yes you can.

Does the villa provide laundry services?
Normally laundry service is available at an extra cost and actually served by an appointed third party.
Some villas have their own laundry facility, but only used by the staffs to wash linens, towels, etc.

How do we pay our extra bills like laundry, food and beverage, massage, etc.?
Products and services organized by the villa or by us can be paid either by cash or credit card upon
your departure. Products and services directly organized by a third party should be pay immediately
upon delivery.

Whom do we contact if there is something wrong with the villa?
The most appropriate person to contact is the villa manager. In case the villa is managed by the owners
themselves, then you have to contact them instead. If you have any difficulty to communicating with
them or you think that your complain is not adequately address, contact our Private Concierge at the
number provided to you upon your arrival, who will be happy to help you communicate your problem.
Keep in mind however that anything inappropriate with the villa including its services and facilities is at
sole responsibility of the villa owner.