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Instructional Guide to Settle Your Villa Rental.
50% deposit is required to secure your booking. Final payment has to be made before 60 days prior to
arrival for booking period within high and peak season and before 30 days prior to arrival for booking
period within low season. If your booking period falls within low season and made within 60 days prior
to arrival, or your booking period falls within high and peak season and made within 30 days prior to
arriva, full payment is required to secure your booking.

After you confirm your reservation based on availability and price information we provide, we will issue
an INVOICE, which unless advised otherwise, shall be settled within 7 days. Be aware that settlement
considered to be complete when we receive the payment in our account. Therefore it is important to
make the payment as soon as possible, especially if you choose to make payment in bank transfer.

Based on payment policy, depends on the period of your stay, payment can be in two steps (deposit
and final payment) or full payment. The isued INVOICE shall explicitly mention the amount due, and
remaining balance to be paid later on.

We have two different payment methods available. You can choose the one which is easiest in your
situation. Consult our Payment Instruction page for more detail.

1. Online Payment with Credit Card
Online payment is the simply system to settle your bills. Following link we provide will take you to an
online form where you have to submits your credit card details. Payment takes effect as soon as the
system informs that the payment is initiated approved. All CreditCard payment is subject to 3% of credit
card processing surcharge since rental rates established are excluded of card processing fee.

2. Wire Transfer
International telegraphic transfer to our corporate bank account normally takes about three days. If you
choose to settle your payment by bank transfer, make sure that you allocate sufficient time before the
due date.

Please note that Indonesian banking regulation requires all credit card transaction has to be either
made in Indonesian Rupiah. Therefore if you choose to pay by credit card, you will get your invoice pre-
converted into Rupiah. Conversion to Rupiah does not apply to bank transfer.

Especially in payment via bank transfer, in case you are aware that your payment may not reach our
account in time, promtply notify us by sending (either emailed scan or fax) your transfer instruction
receipt. Make sure that the receipt has bank’s authorization print-out.

We have to receive the payment in full into your account. In the case arriving payment is slightly less
than required in the INVOICE because of transfer fee, bank’s charge, currency loss, etc. you are
required to pay the remainder either along with your final payment (if you are paying deposit) or in cash
upon arrival.

As soon as we receive the payment, we will issue a BOOKING CONFIRMATION NOTICE, advising you
that the villa is locked for your stay. It can be subject to further (final) payment.